Now it get’s a bit technical. The HF Radio installed is causing some HF Inteference by nature. This cannot be prevented in total. The challenge on our boats is to minimize the interference through the lowest possible SWR, which is done by the automatic antenna tuner with a good counterpoise. The HF interference can trigger other electrical systems on the boat. I have heard stories that autopilots were kicked out while talking on the HF Radio, which is not uncommon. We have not had that. The only issue we experienced in the past was that the bow thruster came alive, when using DSC on certain frequencies in the marina while testing. We have not had that same phenomenom while out at sea. Some LEDs on the boat’s 12V control pannel flashed a bit at high power settings (150W) but that has been reduced since Lothar/EA8DES and myself installed the additional aluminum foil in Las Palmas earlier this year, which definitely improved the counterpoise. Overall our installation is solid and performing.
Long story short. The HF now interferes with the cotroller of the SailinGen. Running the SailinGen and same time transmit on the HF Radio does trigger a voltage alarm on the controller. For the moment, I operate either or but not together. Following some advice from Prof. Armin Horn received this morning, I shall try to focus on the +12V feeding line. While we have put a ferrite cores on the -12V line during installation of the system, we ignored the positive side. With two spare ferrite cores left, I have now covered the positive side as well.
Tonight is testing party.

Fair winds…

PS: The two ferrit cores did not bring the expected result and I have to experiment further.