We tacked and are now in convoy with three tankers/bulk carriers/container vessels in roughly 15nm safety distance. They are running at more than 12kn, so in a couple of hours we shall be clear. I cannot even see them through the binoculars but the beauty is that they appear via AIS on the chart plotter.
I got two sailor’s opinion just before tacking. One saying, its time to tack and one saying I shall tack in a few hours time. I decided to follow my qtVlm routing as it seems to be logic and look forward now for the wind to veer back via North to hopefully a tiny little bit NNE. As a result, we are going to sail a lee-banana as shown in the routing I have shared earlier. With a slight hockey stick swing to the South (lee-banana) I will hopefully end up at the doorstep of the Marina Vila Do Porto around lunch time tomorrow. Worst case I have to tack again or use the engine a bit longer depending on the distance to the harbour at arrival South of the island. I have to squeeze a bit for more close hauled sailing position going forward.
Well, it’s nice out here on the ocean and there are no severe conditions approaching my neck, so let’s keep learning.
Fair winds…