With a bit of delay we tacked and do follow the proposed track closely. The wind shift came slowly but as soon as we could not maintain a course higher than 270º we had to tack.
Wind is around 10kn and we make 5kn boat speed through the water – comfortable sail. We preferred not to get the engine running and motor in 20h to Santa Maria, which was a tempted option. About 120nm on a direct line into Vila do Porto (what a fabulous name for a harbour) takes us less than a day and consumes around 100l diesel. Great for Greta and our pocket!
Out next and final tack is proposed in 40nm at 14:30pm local time. ETA Vila do Porto is 2n June afternoon.
It all depends on the wind.
Fair winds…
PS: It is mostly cloudy at the moment and I hope the sun will clear part of it soon.