Some time has passed since the last logblog entry and its mainly enthusiasm, which drives this. Not that we have been lazy, not at all, rather the opposite. A lot has happended on this very interesting passage.

There are MUST DO duties and CAN DO ones and both filled the days. One of the MUST DO is to take time to enjoy, which very often comes too short. This time I managed better and the accompany I have with Rainer at the moment has got some good influence into this.

A lot of energy has also been put into moving the lady forward. Numerous changes to the sail configuration and constant observation of the weather developments to ensure our route will not bring us into trouble. On this subject I want to state that Uwe/DD1HUR is providing amazing guidance and care taking. It seems he is somewhere here onboard as a virtual passanger. On the sunset attached there is a front visible, which passed through last evening and only hours before Uwe informed us that besides blue sky during the day there will be a front coming through at the later ours of the day. Rainer and myself looked at each other with shaking heads and asking ourselves: where the hack is Uwe hiding on SY Hullu Poro ?!?

++++++++++++extract Uwe/DD1HUR – 8th May 2023+++++++++++++++

Zunächst aber ein kurzer Überblich: Wir haben es jetzt 14:30 UTC und die Satellitenbilder sind von 13:40 UTC. Selbst, wenn man so ca. 1 Std. “processing time” rechnet, sollten die Bilder doch sehr aktuell sein. Danach sollte sich die “Hexe” unter einer etwas lockereren Wolkendecke aufhalten, während die Hullu Poro eher in der Sonne fährt, also, relativ leichte Bewölkung, die im Infrarotbild fast durchsichtig wirkt. Auch das “visible” Image zeigt das so. südwestlich von euch so in einem Gebiet 24°40’N; 055°16’W – 34°05’N;040°08’W liegt ein kompaktes Wolkenband, das nach Norden zu sich etwas auffächert. Das reicht bis nahezu an die Hullu Poro heran, die Wolken müsstet ihr sehen.

++++++++++++extract Uwe/DD1HUR – 8th May 2023+++++++++++++++

A Champagne Challenge was called alive but did finally not take off due to some regulatory issues, which could not be resolved. Therefore our focus has shifted back to maximize fun during this passage while staying engaged in an ambitous way to sail the lady eastwards. This works best for us. The party in Horta is a given.

It has become chilly. After such a long time in warm climate we need to get the socks and sleeping back out again during the nights. It’s good we sail into the summer, so it will be fine soon.

I will try to document a few more points a bit later but now I need some hot tea.

Fair winds…