The wind has increased to 30+kn gusting close to 40kn as forecasted. The gusts are rare but we have adjusted the sails for the worst and are in principal under full foresail only plus a tissue sized main sail. Our speed is still constantly above 7kn. We had one rain shower so far, the moon is out in a still milky sky.

For at least the last 12 hours we are running along the 1014mbar isobar pressure line with the low pressure on port side and the high pressure on starbord side. 

We have finetuned our strategy to stay in the race against our friends from SY Hexe. The gap has been closed recently.

The waves are high but pleasant and therefore do not really matter anymore as I have become part of the system. Even prepared a lasagne last night, which Rainer and myself enjoyed accompanied by 100ml of rosé wine, which is the max allowable sip under the regulation on SY Hullu Poro, in case a nice meal got prepared.

Fair winds…