It appears that there is/was some blockage or at least delay on the logblog entries getting online. Not sure what the technical glitch might be but nothing I can fix from here. Therefore a short update without photo, perhaps that helps.

We have 150nm to go. Another good breeze took us westwards over the last 24 hours or so. The engine is resting but will be needed for the final stretch as per the latest forecasts.

HOT FROM THE PRESS: While writing above lines, I just got confirmation that logblog 11 is now online. I have therefore attached today’s sunrise.

Rainer and myself would not mind to go on for a third week but then we need to plan another passage next time. I keep saying after two weeks: another week and you are in Panama. The following three weeks will bring you to Marquesas. The world has become even smaller for me since seeing it out of the eyes of an ocean going sailor and knight. Fantastic.

As the wind came a bit more easterly overnight and our heading into Horta is a pure West, 90° bearing, Sailmaster Rainer spent hours to optimize the sails for this clause-hauled configuration in order to capture the last bit of engery from the breeze and transform it into boat speed and maximum VMG. There is no line or sail shape left out of this consideration and we talk mm by now rather cm of adjustments. Fine tuning of the fine tuning. The amazing part is that the lady, with not less that 14-15t displacement or better live weight, reacts to it like a sensitive beauty enjoying this interaction with an enthusiatic race sailor Rainer defintely is. I am learning and I am glad not to be asked to sit all day and night on the windward edge to minimze boat inclination. 🙂

Ups, just a small dophine saying hello on port side playing with the bow. There was one yesterday and I wonder if it is the same as normally they come in groups but this one seem to be on his own mission, a bit strange. Now there are a few more, really small, less than a meter in length I would guess.

Time for a second cup of coffee.

Fair winds…