Soon we are closing the circle of our North Atlantic Adventure. The idea was born while sailing the Azores in summer last year. We explored Santa Maria, Sao Miguel and Terceira last year.

Our landfall is now planned in Horta/Faial, the most westerly island of the central group and with very good facilities for yachtsmen arriving after an Atlantic crossing. Historically, Horta specifically has not only become famous in the area of seafaring but also aviation, apart from the Chinese bringing the hydrangeas to the island in the 18th century, which is now spread across all islands but left Faial with its nick name of ‘Blue Island’. I have already very much enjoyed this intense vegetation along the roads last year on the bike.

The marina itself first opened in 1986 and has since been developed and provides nowadays excellent facilities for yachts. More than 1000 yachts per year pass by utilizing the more than 300 berth including anchorage and dedicated spots for bigger yachts and superyachts, a category, which is constantly growing. Numerous international and regioinal races start, stop or become home for a short stop-over in Horta.

We look forward to close the circle and explore Horta/Faial, an island, which I missed last year.

ETA, Saturday, 13th May 2023. What a lucky date!

Fair winds…