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Bermuda to Azores – Logblog 11

It was a busy day under motorsail and Rainer and myself had a good program under a sunny sky. Some boatwork was on the list, another nutcake a la Kalle in the oven, afternoon nap, etc. The highlight of the day was definitely our pit-stop at the petrol station called ”Happy Dynamic”, a cargo vessel operated by Big Lift from Amsterdam taking some yachts from puppy sailors back to Ireland.

Us, currently sailing the Low Wind Challenge requires some diesel and although we had 400L at the start in Bermuda, I thought it would be nice to top-up, especially as we had been under motor sail for some time and the needle started to move downwards. We saw on AIS that Happy Dynamic was comming along with a CPA of 12nm and a corrsponding TPA of 1.5 hours. My call on VHF was answered instantly and after a few minutes the deal was done. 100L of diesel in exchange of 200Euro and 100g Milka chocolate as a token, canisters included. Happy Dynamic altered the course and came to stop at the common point where we transfered diesel, dollars & sweets. We have now peace of mind, in case the wind will not come back at all.

What an attitude towards seamanship!

Our adventure continues.

Fair winds…


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  1. Wow, it seems very adventurous to get some diesel from such a big ship! How did they kno you hat Milka Chocolate onboard? Good to here that you have enough Diesel now. We had to do a lot of motor sailing as well this night on our way to Ponta Delgada. Better:
    Fair winds!

  2. Sorry there were a lot of mistakes in my recent blog due to lack of sleep, of course!

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