It is 6:30am UTC after the second night at sea on this passage. The wind picked up a tiny little bit early in the night to around 13-15kn and veered around 40 degree to 260 TWA as predicted. Good progress under very pleasant conditions. Had good rest and wait for the day to break light. At 6:00 am UTC I will download latest weather updates to see how the rest of the journey will look like. I do not expect any changes but it is always good to check at least once per day.
I am currently not in a position to check the status concerning rain and thunder while at sea and when I left Vila do Porto there was a small concern on some light thunder coming through in the night from Friday to Saturday. During my call with Sutje-Jan yesterday evening on the Marine Radio, I have asked to check on this aspect and it seems, that it should all be clear now on our passage. Good to know and good to have sailing mates, who are sailing with us. Thank you. I will need to study on how this information can be retrieved while on longer passages and without internet connection. Intermar is another option to get this information but I was not able to connect with them since I have left. HF Technology at its best!
There were three encounters this night. Two commercial vessels and one sailing yacht. I could only see them on AIS, no navigation lights. They were too far way, around 15nm but it shows, that keeping watch even out here in the middle of nowhere is a MUST.
As there was little rest the night before, I was now tired enough now to catch good sleep in my 20 to 30min power nap routines. Still working on this but I feel pretty fresh and excited to enjoy another day on the ocean.
Time to prepare the first liter of tea.
Fair winds…