We are cruising along in 10kn of wind which gives us 4kn of speed…plus 0.4kn from the Northatlantic current pushing us South. I have just finished dinner in the cockpit and it almost feels like sitting on the boat while parked on the hard in one of the boatyard’s hall. Bit of wind whistling around. Splashing water now and then. That*s it. No movements. You can walk through the boat as if you are at one of these boat fairs, no hands needed. The waves have taken an interesting pattern. While there is neglegible wind wave, we got swell 1, swell 2 and perhaps even swell 3. These swells are huge flat monsters in form of a football field moving around. Well, now there are football fields moving around from three different directions but it does not matter because you, we, and finally only me, as the moving spectator, are not feeling these moving football fields. We can only see them at daylight but now…it*s dark. No chance you feel these wobbling masses of water around you. It is not always like this. If you have ever been in an elevator and suddenly it stops and the nice voice is telling you that you arrived on floor 55, sounds familiar, you know what I am talking about in terms of the boat cruising through these football fields. You don*t feel the movement of 4.4kn through the water like you do not feel how the elevator brought up in no time. Amazing nature and technology. Enough now.
I heard about Chorizo before. Arriving in Spain, I tried them. Not bad. Arriving in the Azores Susan bought them at the butchery market in Sao Miguel. Even better. I had one left, which went into a mixture of regional vegetables for dinner tonight (Azores is considered regional) and it proves again that good incrediants can replace a bad cook. I finished it all.
It is warm out here. I have not put up the cockpit tent yet because it is still pleasant to rest outside. With a pitch dark sky we can see million of stars before the moon rises around 22:30 and will give the sky and the ocean a completely new appearance. You will then be able to sea waves, clouds if any, perhaps birds but for sure the horizon. Sitting in the boatyard’s hall you can not even figure out which boat is next to you at the very moment but soon you will see, ups only one boat in the hall and that’s us. Only one boat here on the ocean…
Well, I better get my dishwashing done now.
Fair winds & good night.
PS: This logblog entry has been published via Winlink knot 8P6BWS located on the island of Barbados.