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Azores to Madeira – Logblog 1

Took me a while to come up with the first logblog, different reasons and excuses. Lightwind sailing is a challenge in itself and in our case it get’s topped up by some leftover swell shaking us around. It was quite okay until last evening when the wind dropped further and the swell took control over the wind with the result that sails started banging. A true wind speed (TWS) of 8kts from an true wind angle (TWA) of 120° is just nothing where the lady get’s excited and is rather complaining. We are now pretty stable but our speed is just around 3kn. I am not getting the gennaker out in these conditions as I am not sure what the swell will do to it. Found a way to play with it and also prepared the spinnaker pole in case we need to shift even more in front of the wind, which is expected at later stage.. The hydrovane is engaged and another good learning under these light wind conditions This time the 5kn extra we normally get from Menno is just not there but would make a hell of a difference. This lady is sensetive although not light weight.
Our weather window is open towards the end, meaning that there are no severe conditions at the time of arrival in Funchal, which is set to sometime on Sunday, 18th September. My berth is confirmed and even if we arrive a day later, it does not matter – one more day on the ocean! Let’s see.
If I am not trying to catch up some sleep over the day, I simply enjoy the magnificence of the ocean.
Fair winds…


👌…pleasant start…👍


Azores to Madeira – Logblog 2

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  1. Edith & Horst

    Du hast Recht Bernd, haben Heute um ca. 7.15 Uhr schon den 1. Logblog vermißt.
    Wir waren gewohnt den Bericht aus der Nacht zu bekommen. Aber kein Streß!

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