There are currently some stronger trade winds going through peaking above 30kn but we got used to it in the meantime. It is still a very pleasant anchorage here at Saint-Anne.

There are only two downsides: the water is a bit choppy and does not invite for a swim and our dinghy is not suitable to go ashore under these conditions from our current location, which is 0.7nm away from the closest dinghy dock. Perhaps we go a bit closer tomorrow. 

There was a job on the list. The first SMS from Volker came in at 5:57am asking to remain on stand-by. It was still a bit dark and we were looking for a place to shade from the wind to take the foresail down, which was scheduled for the Sailmaker today.

Shortly after that Volker picked me up, we lifted the anchor and motored to a place nearby…sail down, back to anchorage while enjoying tasty Cappuccino and cookies, sail delivered.

On the way we also dropped some of the old batteries, did some grocery shopping and refilled the outboard engine.

At 10am we called it a day, ready for the weekend.

Fair winds…