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🚴‍♂️…sniff tour Santa Maria…🚴‍♂️


Vila do Porto – Santa Maria


BBQ on 36º 56’N & 25º 8’W


  1. Rene

    Looks fantastic Bernd. Make more (uphill) miles on your bike——!
    Cheers, Rene

    • Hi Rene,
      more 🚴‍♂️ miles sounds good and there is no way to escape the hills here although they are moderate in slope. With very few exceptions the slope is kept <10%, which suits my level of fitness. The tracks are relatively short and there is good likelihood, that you get a free shower before being back from the trip as we are still waiting for the Azores Higher Pressure system to kick in. Hope to see you and Babs over here soon to share some miles and pain! 😀
      Fair winds...

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