My day started before sunrise with the software update of our new Iridium satellite phone. One coffee was not enough and a second had to be brewed before successful update got confirmed. Puh, that’s done. Glad it worked. Now planning a test call to MRCC Bremen for final verification.

Second on the list was – after breakfast – to attack the membrane replacement on the water maker. After disassembling the membranes unit from the overall system, I got some help from Ulli, skipper of SY Christina. Two brains with four capable hands & four sharp eyes got the old membranes removed and the new ones installed. Fittings resealed and the unit was ready to get back installed below deck. The procedure to be followed for initial operation of new membranes took a while but the final reading of 173ppm of water quality meets the expectation. Another big one ticked off the list.

2 x SW30 2540.
One leakage detected during test run.
Test reading of water. ✔️

Henry and Jean Michelle turned up to check out the fridge. The result was not promising: topping up refrigerator coolant did not bring the expected result. Compressor should be the culprit. Hm 🙁, that is not pleasant.

We got two identical units installed, so one still working but we are used to operate both, one as a fridge and one at slightly higher temperatures for fruits, vegetables and wine. HR Parts might be able to help out on this last minute issue before Boating & Biking Adventures 2.0 are supposed to kick off.

The lady keeps me on my toes but there was still enough time for a quick bike ride to PDC to buy some dinner delights. It’s now getting dark early after the clock change!

Fair winds…