…it feels like the Epilog becomes the Prolog now…

It was today, lucky 13 month ago, on the 14th June 2021, when we did throw the lines in Kappeln to start this journey –  or better our boating & biking adventures.
Since then, we clocked ⛵️ 3636nm on the log, over ground, as tracked in NFL and shown on the picture below. We also recorded 🚴‍♂️  3467km in total on the bike, see snapshot from Polar.

😉 Including all Lidl rides. Continuity.😕

Despite some hardship now and then there is no doubt that fond memories are taking over and we had not only deep impressions at sea but also at land while sitting in the saddle. This all on top of the great people we interacted with, some became good friends, advisers, coaches and mindful listeners.
No doubt, there are these very short moments arising, where you are irritated to believe that someone else should better take care of the lady and its destiny but it’s all washed away in the next instance independent what you are just up to.

All this is encouraging and we are in the process of making some plans for the next 13 month. But as you know, sailors’ plans are drawn into the sand at low tide and wiped out at next high water level…approximately six hours later.

Therefore the Prolog better stops right here but there shall be exciting times ahead of us.

Thanks for your interest.

Fair winds…

PS: Wishing the French associated society a happy national day – Bastille Day.