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Farewell trip to SY Rare Breed


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  1. Chris

    How long can you hold you breath? Maybe use a water pipe for air, in through your mouth out through your nose. Give you enough time to change that propeller 😉

    • Ahoy Chris,

      good point, I am working on this subject. Might not change the whole propeller but as you can see in the video, some maintenance is definitely required. Cleaning the blades and replacing the anodes are top on my list. I have purchased the diving equipment earlier and it is ready to go as mentioned under this link.

      Second week of December I have booked myself into a diving course and from then onwards I should be able to use my equipment for these jobs. Currently I study the theory of the course and the practical part will cover a total of 5 sessions, 3 in shallow waters and 2 down to 12m depth. Will be interesting.

      Fair winds…

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