We have thrown the towels, both SY Sutje and myself. The high pressure system on the Atlantic has intensified over the last two days giving it another notch over night with expected wind speeds now in the second half of the journey of 35kn and waves up to 3m. We concluded, enough is enough.

SY Sutje at the Diesel dock in Pasito Blanco.

The start would have been perfect but conditions are getting heavy – too heavy now – at arrival in Cabo Verde, which is a bit of a tricky approach same time.

We were pumped up and had all systems checked but gut feeling was not right, which was not caused by dinner the day before. Better slow and safe we concluded.

On the upside, both ships got a berth in San Sebastián de la Gomera and we plan there for a week until this huge high pressure system has moved further NE and more favourable winds are expected to take us to Cabo Verde and further on as per the plan. No change to that.

ETA Marina de La Gomera, tomorrow dawn time.

Fair winds…