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….thank you, sympathy, plans…

A nice shot taken by Bjarne Tveitan during the chaotic moments we had. I wanted to say “Thank you“ to all the help and sympathy received to prevent the worse to happen.

With further help and advice from good fellow friends and sailors we are now preparing to get the lady into a nearby beauty farm to repair the cosmetic scratches suffered from this nasty incident. All going well we shall be able to show up in any beauty contest again from May onwards.

Overall we were extremely fortunate that things did not turn out worse.

Fair winds…


Chaotic moments…


Stay away from this 📚…


  1. Nordin

    Good to know and no serious damage. Hope this will be back in shape and plain sailing again….

    Be safe and strong and happy…

    • Ahoy Nordin,
      thanks expressing your sympathy and your interest in our adventure. Both of us have proven to manage this kind of crisis, so please stay confident, it will be done.
      I will give you a call shortly.
      Fair winds…

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