As ususal, at the beginning of a passage, I am late and lazy with my logblogs. First I though to skip them at all but here is briefly what happened:
We were sailing as per the schedule to St. Martin for final grocery shopping and refilling our gas bottles with butane. These were the last too items on the list before our vacuum cleaner went on strike. In parallel I realized that the weather window was already open for our passage to Bermuda and departure the sooner the better became our line of thinking. After all items ashore were completed (except the gas bottles), the lady got prepared (including testing the new vaccum cleaner) and we lifted the anchor after a final swim in the gorgeous waters of Marigot Bay. The intention was to leave the shores during daylight not to get in any argument with the fishing buoys spreading around in shallow waters.
We are now 42h or 263nm away from St. Martin. Good winds in conjunction with perfect trimming, thanks to Rainer, have made this possible.
It became a pleasant night and after sunrise a sugar sailing day. In the evening hours we hit some heavy clouds and slight increase in winds, which topped just below 30kn in gusts. Some squalls came through and brought some sky juice. Well, not what we expected but once out at sea, you have to deal with it. It all normalised and the second part of the night was more pleasant.
The blue sky is back, wind and waves managable and allowing us to stay on a straight line to Bermuda, 600nm to go.
Fair winds…