The lights of Terceira have become visible at the horizon. It is 2am and we have less than 20nm to go. 8kn of wind allow us to keep sailing but direction from NNE is less favourable now, As long as we get closer to the marina we will keep sailing. Still 4 hours to go until the day will start to break.
A sailboat was heading towards us and finally passed quite close heading opposite direction. It was a decent size boat around 10-12m under engine. For me it is hard to understand that there are still boats out here not having AIS. It has become affordable technology adding good safety for yourself and others. As a consequnce I have taken the BIG Steiner binocular out instead only using the smaller model. It provides better performance in critical situations.
We will have to kill a few more hours until dawning and before approaching the harbour entry.
Time for a fresh cup of tea.
Fair winds…