We are now set for the night. Had an evening appointment with the haridresser before taking a shower but now all good waiting for the stars while writing this logblog entry.
It is 35nm to go to Angra Do Heroísmo on Terceira, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, I am very excited and curious. It is peak season in the Azores and no wonder the marina is pretty full. Petra and Jan from SY Sutje are already there and I have just spoken to Jan on the Marine Radio and we agreed a plan. I have to be at the entrance of the marina at 8am sharp.
The warm ENE summer breeze is still on, 7-9kts wind speed which gives us 2-3kts boat speed. We have time…35nm with average 2.5kn boat speed would takes us 14 hours to get there, makes arrival at 11am in the morning. Too late, my appointment is at 8am sharp. We have an engine…giving us 6kn boat speed and that means in 6 hours we could be there, 3am in the morning too early. It will be something in between…also depending on the caprice of the wind. So quite out here. The lady moves peacefully with the wobbling waves, no banging, no squeaking like we had on the passage from Lanzarote to Madeira. Sailing an ocean provides so many natural sensivities. Incredible.
I have now switched on the tricolor position light in the mast top and the radar for the night. There is a bit of traffic out here, One bulk carrier and three sailboats. Two of the sailboats are going opposite our direction and the thrid one is ahead of us. The commercial vessel has crossed our course and disappears in the dark. All of them remind me about the old saying: “On the ocean of life, we are all big ships, that pass through the night.” The police was also out here but they watched us from distance and went on….lucky we are.
I take little sleep on these one night only sails. Too much to enjoy. Too exciting. One night is okay. Two nights, this will not work. You have to rest and take 20min nap sleeps also during the day, otherwise you put yourself at risk. My humble opinion and concept. My body takes one night no sleep but not two. I have figured that out in the meantime. Good night.
Fair winds…