HR fleet exhibited 2023 in Ellös.
The all new HR69 under construction.

There are exactly 20 years among these photos, or in other words, we are sailing Hallberg-Rassy for two decades by now. What a fortune and pleasure.

Therefore our visit to Ellös was not only governed by curiosity but also by an anniversary to celebrate.

Our brandnew HR, pick-up in Ellös in 2003.

It was in 2003, when Edith and Horst supported us to take ownership of our first HR34 directly from the yard. At that time both of them became physical crew members during the first couple of days on the maiden miles we did in the archipelago of Orust and they have since then sailed thousands of virtual miles with us across the oceans.

Approximately 15000 tide turns later, we looked at the latest HR models and how the yard developed. The HR69 is becoming an impressive beast in near future. The biggest HR ever build.

We also took the opportunity to meet the HR team, who supported us all the years in the past and in particular during the ongoing Boating & Biking Adventure. It was nice to meet and chat again with Rolf Müller from Lake Konstanz, who sold us the first Hallberg-Rassy and therefore initiated our journey. Where continuity becomes a value. 

I am grateful Susan made it up to Ellös to join us for this anniversary stop-over.

Fair winds…