The mixed weather is still ongoing. Strong winds gusting above 30kn paired with occasional fierce rain showers followed by extensive sunny periods. In other words, warm European April weather. I don’t think this is typical trade wind weather. It shall be over coming Monday.

We moved closer towards the shore and dropped the anchor just 0.3nm in front of the dinghy dock of Saint-Anne. Plenty of boats here under German flag, one showing Titisee as its homeport!

SY Peter von Seestermühe just hundred yards away from us. Another legendary boat, which participated in the first ever Withbread Round the World Race in 1973/74 (under German flag and the name “Peter von Danzig” at that time). She competed against Eric Tabarly and his SY Pen Duick VI, which we saw just recently in Grenada, now under helm of his daughter Marie. Sailing history. Two beautiful heritage boats so close together again after 50 years. Amazing. Yacht spotting goes on.

Susan and myself both remember, that we saw the good old SY Peter von Danzig at the ASV in Kiel just before she took new ownership in 1991.

Fair winds…