The wind has dropped a bit for the night, now down to 20kn only. We had our dinner, Jan prepared a delicious cauliflower curry, my duty was clearing the pantry afterwards. Our agreed division of work for quite some weeks by now. Tomorrow it will be the other way round. 

The sun has settled in for the day. Mooring buoys are left unused as shown on the photo above, no lines attached. There are plenty of those, needed for peak season. The marina will probably take hundred and fifty to two hundred boats on busy peak season summer days. We are seven boats tonight, including ourselves. All moored alongside, why to bother with mooring lines.

It is late in the season but not deserted. Less than one hundred people still live on this island. Its name shall be derived from the Gaelic word cairn, meaning pile of stones, which perfectly describes the landscape we are in.

It is a nice coincidence, that coming from Scotland it brings us to this particular island in Sweden.

Good night!

Fair winds…