It is 1:24am local time and I am creeping along the western side of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. The wind is down to 11kn on the stern and with the jib fixed to the spinnaker pole we make around 3kn on average. Slow but no banging. The traffic is manageable and the captains on the commercial boats do reply to VHF calls, not only mine but also others. I believe one of the reasons is, that the TSS is managed by Las Palmas Radio, which ensures good disciplines for all.

Indeed, it was the mixture of tiredness and boredom, so I just opened present #1 from Elke and Ulli and sit now here with a Magic Cube 4 x 4 turning wheels and hammering my head around it. Gorgeous. Tried before without success but never had one. It will also be entertaining for all future passages. Just wondering, what surprises me to expect for the upcoming days.

I can clearly see the lights along the coastline of Gran Canaria with Las Palmas sticking out of the rest. The moon will set at 8:10am in the morning although it has lost a bit of its power already being perpendicular to the boat sitting on top of the mast now behind some glazed white clouds.

I have made a pot of tea.

Fair winds…