We are now flying in 20kn of wind towards Cabo Verde running constantly around 6kn speed over ground. The blue water is pleasantly boiling and has got some white caps here and there. Some wave` tops are breaking producing more white bubbles for a short moment until they dissolve in the blue again. A never ending scenery as far as the eye can capture it. No clouds at all, pure blue sky.

Every other wave sticks a bit out throwing the lady from one side to the other with no chance to win. She quickly stands up proudly again keeping the teak deck dry with a smile as she could take much more if needed. In short: perfekt bluewater sailing conditions!

Early morning I fiddled around quite a while with the computer to get the blog updated and the latest weather data downloaded. The main reason was that all Pactor Stations were busy or just not connecting. The atmospheric conditions were not the best this morning. On top, I got an error message from the modem disconncting in the middle of the file transfer so I had to start from fresh a couple of times until my messages got through and the GRIB File was saved on the computer.. Normally it works quite well and does not take this long.

Talking to Jan afterwards was a pleasure again. Good connection on the 6 Mhz Marine Radio Frequency, loud and clear. We are about 100nm apart, the distance I lost at the beginning due to our slow start and my ignorance taking the main sail out. Otherwise they are enjoying the passage as much as we do.

The conditions crossing the Atlantik next month should be very similar to what we face today. Perhaps another 5kn of wind on top here and there or now and then but the main difference will be the squalls, which become part of the game further south. Shall be exciting anyway.

Let´s enjoy this first although I am also looking forward to my first bike ride on Sao Vincente!

Fair winds…