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La Bodega Guiguan 👌

A plan is a plan until Volker from SY Hexe sends you a WhatsApp! If I fancy to join a wine tasting? No brainer, for sure. Half an hour later we went together with Ulrike, our local guide living in Arrecife – obviously with some sailing background.

We ended up at Bodega Guiguan in the village of Tajaste and tasted its five different wines in the backyard of this family run vineyard, established in 1948.

The quality of the wines is very good, much better compared to the tasting I did on Madeira. As you can imagine it is hard to make quality red wines in this climate and soil conditions but the dry white wine made from volcanic Malvasia grape and the sweet Moscatel dessert wine put a heavy spell on me from the first zip onwards.

Ended up with some more bottles stored onboard now waiting for Susan’s arrival mid December to pamper our tongues over a good meal.

Fair winds…


🌧…wow, it was raining…💧


🚴‍♂️…the wine route…🚴‍♂️


  1. Chris

    Can you lay the wine down for that long? I mean until Susan arrives 😉 Better to sup that up!

    • Ahoy Chris, you are right! It’s a calculated risk and one of the mitigation measures could be, that you make it to Lanzarote before Susan’s arrival. I am sure the vineyard will replenish afterwards. Would be fun! Fair winds…Bernd

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