After 6h deep sleep last night with earplugs, we woke up around high tide, 3:36am. While wind was not the determining factor, it was the swell shaking the boat around dragging the lines. From Waltz to Rock’n Roll. It was not the worst swell ever but for sure significant. We checked all lines.

After adding two more lines of defence (nine in total now) and adjusting the others, it was time for a cup of tea before we went back to sleep, earplugs in. Nothing else we could do. Others were busy on their boats same time.

The wind peak is going through right now, gusting 40kn, but my concern remains the swell at the next high tide, 15:59pm. Once the water starts falling the swell shall start to ease a couple of hours laters. Looking forward to that moment.

We shall be alright.🤞

Fair winds…

PS: SY Beagle with Alice and Ulli are fighting their way from Bermuda towards Azores since 8th May! I feel sorry for them and hope for the best on the final miles and landfall being close to Horta now!

PPS: SY Christina with Elke and Ulli are fighting swell in Calheta/Madeira being in a similar situation like us.