I am a big fan of being out at sea during the nights, if the conditions are right. Tonight we got the waxing moon shining over the bow pointing us west, the direction we are heading to. It also leaves a trace of reflection on the water, which provides the path for the lady to follow. Some scattered light exists around it before the darkness takes over the universe and the stars are getting on stage. Within this darkness pooled with the million of stars the clouds become visible, which enables us to see the squalls coming even at night and before they appear on the radar.

The wind is fine tonight, around 20 to 25kn on the stern but the waves have become a bit bumpy again. It could be linked to the current, which is changing from E to W before towards S to N the closer we get to the Leeward Islands. It will impact the wave pattern, I guess. Overall, conditions nothing to complain about as long as the lightning visible very very far away towards SE from us stays away. The moon will settle already at 22:11pm local time and the scenery will change a bit.

Over the next few month there will be less nights at sea but hopefully at nice anchorages instead!

Fair winds…