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…hopping over…

We have left our mooring next to Plain de Sucre (in the background of the photo above) here on Terre-de-Haut and are now heading over to Guadeloupe. Unfortunately we missed the snorkelling in this bay due to stronger winds coming through tomorrow onwards and I prefer some better shelter. Otherwise we might have stayed a couple of days longer.

However, our voyage schedule does not leave too many spare days either and preparations for our Atlantic crossing return are ongoing.

Fair winds…


The #1 means of transportation on this island are golf carts. #2 will be e-bikes as there are quite some ups and downs to be managed. Plenty of places to hire these vehicles. Glad I got my own bike with me to get around. My morning ride took me once around and up to the hill top of Le Chameau. Fair winds…

Sunset – Îles des Saintes

I enjoyed this view over my sundowner tonight taken onboard from the cockpit: unspoiled view!

⚓️…Îles des Saintes…🧐

It was a very pleasant sail today, only 20nm but in perfect conditions with 20kn of wind straight on the beam and a friendly wave. We are back in Europe!

I grabbed a mooring buoy in front of the Hotel Bois Joli, which is located on Terre-de-Haut, one of the main islands of the group.

My first impression: different, interesting, let’s see!

Fair winds…

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