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CPH to BRD – Logblog 1

…too short again…

Short and intense was our three night stay at the pool position at Ofelia Beach with guaranteed unblocked view. No doubt, Copenhagen remains a #1 location for us, a great city.

We are now lonely together again as Susan is flying back today and I will slowly return the lady “home“, to Kappeln. Three weeks passed quickly.

The weather window South is closing soon and I hope to get 130 nautical miles done in the next 24 hours.

Fair winds…

Brainwash Copenhagen

It was one of the better passages under engine we had so far, peaceful and picturesque. It included a dolphin show in the middle of the traffic separation scheme (TSS) heading into the Øresund.

At the time we reached Copenhagen, the whole world changed. We were greeted by a light weight aircraft taking off along the fairway. The “rush hour“ kept going until we took a berth opposite of the Opera House.

Fair winds…

Anholt – one week plus

After more than a week slowdown we need to move on. Great late summer stay, enjoying peaceful nordic nature, freshwater swimming in the baltic and good accompany like our neighbours Christine & Gregor from SY Aegir. 

Fair winds…

🚴‍♂️…easy biking…🚴‍♂️

We are enjoying this fantastic island, either on foot or by bike. It is small but once you reduce the pace there are many things to discover, which we never appreciated on our previous visits. Weather and temperatures allow, or better invite, for the daily swim in the sea or just relaxing while absorbing the warmth from the sun.

Boat work is progressing slowly in accordance with the natural pace adhering to this land pile in the sea, called Anholt.

SY Magic Cloud with Johannes and his cheerful crew left this morning while we decided to stay on for a few more days.

Fair winds

Anholt – Land ho!

I am not sure, if more blue is possible within our current Latitudes but today was an exceptional sailing day in the Baltic under the northern sky. No clouds and 15kn of wind on the beam, no gusts. It shall stay for a few days.

We might have to stay a bit longer on this island as the predominant wind direction forecasted is from the 2nd and 3rd quadrant, which means headwinds. Not a bad place to wait.

Anholt seems to be known under various slogans. From “Denmark‘s silent island“ to “Gran Canaria of the North“. We will find out over the next few days, which one fits best, if any.

As the marina is embedded into fine sandy beaches on both sides, it is just a 2min walk to enjoy (?) a swim in the clean but fresh salty water. We did the first round tonight.

Fair winds…

NOAA – Northeast Atlantic

We touched upon a fast moving low pressure system on our passage from Azores to Ireland and made it just in time into Crosshaven/Ireland before the music started. It was a wake-up call, which came in time for us to adjust our route slightly to play safe. Yes, we missed The Rock! ☹️

Looking at this one here a bit closer brings two conclusions to me.

1. Conditions in the Azores can be very unpleasant outside the recommended weather window for sailors. Perhaps not a good idea to stay there with the boat over winter.

2. Follow the guidelines (despite climate change) rather playing roulette out on the Atlantic. Anything can happen but the old rules are still better than no rules.

I am glad we are where we are enjoying an excellent late summer season. The weather forecast could not be better at this time of the year. Fresh air under the sun. Damned lucky again.

We will be heading over to Anholt later today for a few days. It has been Susan‘s off-peak season #1 dream destination for so many years now.

Fair winds…

⚓️…next to Sæby…⚓️

After a lovely sail in perfect conditions we dropped the anchor for a night on 3m sand next to Marina Sæby.

There were plenty of commercial vessels lying in the roads near Skagen but this floating petrol station reminded me on our passage from Bermuda to Azores! 😅

Fair winds…

Fenders deployed, waiting for customers.

Magic Cloud – Surprise Visit !

It came as a surprise when SY Magic Cloud  came into the marina during the late evening hours. Johannes and his crew are returning from Norway to Kiel after their summer trip.

The two ladies have met more than two years ago at the very early days of our adventure. Link! A lot to catch-up.

Fair winds…

16th June 2021 in the Kiel Canal.

Skagen Knallertfest 2023

Today we ended up in the midst of 2000 plus rattling mopeds and screaming crowds at one of the various partying locations all over the place. Sold out in 24h! Glad we finished our daily boat work before. Summer goes on! 😅

Fair winds…

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