Breakfast was not enought – one hard boiled egg followed by two ”heather sand cockies” and a good cup of fresh tea. Two hours rest and then the appetite called in again. That is a good sign for me showing that body and boat are accustomized. One big roll with soft cheese together with fresh tomatoes and carrots from local Madeira market. This should bring me to the evening apart from the afternoon tea, which will be served with some homemade Nutcake, choclate topped, based on a receipe from Susan’s grandfather Karl.
We have done 168nm right now, so I guess an etmal of around 140nm, which is okay. I don’t want to push the lady throught the seas with all the water coming over and tear and wear on the boat. Hitting 8.5kn through the water yesterday evening, I thought enought is enought. While the boat ploughs better through these waves at slighly higher speed it will be paid off by heaps of water flushing everywhere. I am not on an escape.
Around 320nm to go to my waypoint set in the South of Santa Maria and what does it matter, if I arrive a day earlier or later. Looking forward to my landfall on Santa Maria.
Will take some rest now to be ready for teatime. 😂
Fair winds…