Less than 15nm towards Funchal. Cruising along the yellow dotted coastline of Madeira with 3kn boat speed. One fishing vessel on collision course, otherwise no traffic. Took a couple of short naps and a hot instant noodle soup. Afterwards a fresh cup of tea with a tiny chunk of chocolate.
Completed my sourcing of new halyard line. Hallberg-Rassy Parts seems to have them on stock for each individual boat model – great! We have got wire ending into rope. I will check tomorrow but my e-mail to Ludvig from HR Parts sits in his inbox.
I think the staysail is an excellent sail, which I have undervalued up to now. Will have to work more with that set-up in future.
Obviously some disapppointment that I have to return back but again I am falling with the nose into the cream. Glad it did not happen half way to Azores or in tougher conditions. It could have been managed but better address it early and get these type of things sorted.
I enjoy the learning curve and better address the fishing vessel now.
Fair winds…