We are good on the way. Madeira disappeared at the horizon and we tacked a bit later compared to what the weather routing software proposed. I guess “tacktics” out of personal preferences and comfort come here into play. My main reason was, that I wanted to have a bit more clearance from the island tonight.

The four night stopover in Funchal was great and the right decision. Chatting with the harbour master and his team, meeting some old and new sailing friends and getting the lady back into shape. I am now looking forward how this passage will evolve. Got time to get there until 2nd of July to arrive in Ponta Delgada, which comes as a hard stop with Susan touching down at the airport! I plan to arrive there much sooner but let’s see how it goes and what the high pressure system currently building up NW of the Azores has got in mind.

Got a short interaction with Intermar e.V. on the HAM radio after dinner, which was some bread with cheese and a carrot only tonight. My lunch after having left Funchal was delicious. I was fortunate and got offered some Indian egg curry made by Petra from SY Sutje. Very yummy, I could not deny. Pretty sure that I will need some more energy in terms of food during the night which is quite common for me during these passages.
The ocean is breathing in the way of long waves and same time slightly choppy from the wind…
+++hot from the press+++hot from the press+++hot from the press+++
While finishing the lines above some unusual noise kicked in. Looking to the bow, I see the foresail hanging loose. Oh oh…not good! The foresail had slided down a little bit and my immediate thought became true: jib halyard broken, damned! It is one of the few pieces we have not replaced on this boat. The running rigging has been inspected and found in order, until just now. However, there are worst things, which can happen and we need to deal with it. 2 hours work. Somehow I got the sail down and pressed into a sailing bag, not easy, not nice but out of the way. I first considered to lift it up again with the halyard of the Spi but I am not sure this is a good idea or if chafing will kill it in no time. So I waived this option. We are now under lovely staysail instead together with reefed main heading back to Funchal, ETA tomorrow morning at sunrise. I found it irresponsible to proceed under these circumstances especially as we have time and perhaps just have to change a flight from Azores to Madeira for Susan. Sorry.
Need to get a new jib halyard now. Sourcing has started.
Otherwise we are sailing into a peaceful night.
Fair winds…