From here onwards there is a bit zig-zag proposed by the routing software. It is qtVLM, which I am using, and we have already started to move more westerly than northerly. We will stay close hauled all time and if the wind drops use the engine to support on a straight line towards Santa Maria until sufficient blow is back.
All going well, I have a chance to arrive in Santa Maria 2nd July early hours but a lot will depend on the extend of engine usage. It could be earlier. I would not put a bet on either of the two options. 😅

We have another 150nm left and if minimum wind of 10 – 12kn will stay (considering the extra 5kn, which never considers) we shall be good to sail, even in the blue coloured areas on the map. I hope you can see the picture. If not, it will be added later.

Talked to Uwe/DD1HUR from Intermar e.V. and his support is exceptional from the beginning of this passage. Besides talking every day in the evening hours at 16:30 UTC on 14313kHz, Uwe also provides me with detailed views on the situation by e-mail. It includes not only encouragement but also dos and dont’s. Thank you Uwe, very much appreciated and by far not a given.

I am going to watch a film tonight. Second time actually: ”Die Azoren – Grünes Paradies im Atlantik”. You can find it in the ARD Mediathek but it will only be in German. If half is true what is shown in the film, this journey might get rewarded soon.

Otherwise, I will have a cold, non-alcoholic beer while enjoying the sunset.

Fair winds…