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Bite the bullet…

We have decided to bite the bullet. As the wind is not getting more favourite over the next week or so, we will use a weather window of “no wind and minimum swell” to run under engine through the night to Cherbourg. Not preferred by anyone but the desire to get out of the English Channel into real Bluewater in near future is dominant and we accept some pain to come with it. Fair winds…


Squadron complete again…


All ships…sharp lookout 🧐


  1. Susanne

    Safe trip!

  2. Thanks! We arrived in Cherbourg tired but safely after 26 hours of motoring. It was an unspectacular night, not much traffic, little wind and swell. Our weather routing worked very well again. Approaching Cherbourg some drizzle came up but nevertheless, we were happy to shut the engines off…for a while.

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