Today’s ride was a challenge and probably the hardest one I have done in the 50-60km range. It started off as ususal at the break of the day with a straight climb to get out of town. My legs were not strong and my mind was struggling. Close to turning around and going back, I pushed not only myself hard but also the bike as some of the ascents showed 22% and walking the bike was required. No way I cycle that. Filling in Coke helped a bit but I kept struggling on the uphills.

However, finally I got to the centre of the island seeing some great nature before getting my bike bottle filled with fresh Coconut alongside the road in Gouyave downtown, a very interesting spot.

The ride along the coastline was less impressive but still nice and less mountainous and I was happy to arrive back at the boat after almost 4.5h in the saddle.

Fair winds…