While I was heavily suffering from my own stupidity, the bike got a super full service done by Décio and his younger brother Lucas, both running the local bike shop here in Horta. Two enthusiastic pros, very competent, reliable and sympathetic young locals.

Décio opened the bike shop about three years ago and has got not only well maintained rental bikes (Rainer got one here the other day) but also a smart selection of new bikes, accessories, and a state-of-the-art workshop. Highly recommended. Thank you guys!

Fair winds…

PS: The initial approximately 5km downhill from Caldeira do Faial in freezing conditions turned for me into a bloody cold, dismantling my body and brain for two days and nights without sleep. The second night, Cobian, our ships own kobold was back and the electrical autopilot was turning making its typical sound: sssst….ssst…..st…sssssst…..st….ssssst…, unbelievable where no sleep can take you! Much better now but not back 100% yet.