Another fight against the wind took me to Arrecife today. Besides checking out the Specialized Concept 🚴‍♂️ Store I am chasing some fittings to install our new Seagull IV water filter underneath the sink in the cold water line towards the tap. It is part of an improvement project to ensure constant water quality for making delicious tea despite changing water supplies from varying marinas. Ferreteria is the Spanish word for hardware store, very well sorted.

I also had the opportunity to visit Jutta and Willi from SY Leonie. They have now arrived from Porto Santo/Portugal in Arrecife and we had to update each other on sailor’s fairy tales over the last few weeks since we met in Funchal. We are sharing the same adventure, spending the winter in the Canary Islands before heading North again towards the Azores.
Thanks for the coffee and cake!

Cycling in these winds is a new experience. They are not particular strong, perhaps 20 to 25kts, but the impact on the bike and its rider is remarkable. It’s worth another blog entry.

 Fair winds…