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🙋‍♂️…off we go…⛵️

At 9am our lines got cut by Elke und Ulli from SY Christina. We had a very good time together here in Calero despite working on the To-Do-List. As usual too short but that is sailor’s life. Thank you!

It is good to be back on the ocean. The weather is perfect for a start, light winds with pleasant swell will allow body and mind to accommodate the change in environment.

Time for a cup of tea.

Running under engine until I have passed Marina Rubicon in the very South of Lanzarote before killing the humming.

Fair winds…


🙏…emergency package…👌


Lanzarote to Cabo Verde – Day 1 / Logblog 1

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  1. Ulrike & Nelly

    Gute und erfahrungsreiche Reise mit vielen guten Erlebnissen. Alles Liebe für euch von Ulrike und Nelly

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