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🙋‍♂️…relaxed Sunday…🤙

Leaving 🚴‍♂️ Marina Pasito Blanco in the south of Gran Canaria at sunrise this morning.

Today was a slow Sunday with just a few more short bike rides. Together with approximately 13 other Germans we stormed into Lidl simultaneously as soon as the door lock got released at 8:00 am.😅

As there was a bit of a cloud cover all day, I applied Boracol 10Y  to the toerail. It showed some signs of black stains and I hope Boracol will tackle it over the next two weeks or so.

Jan and myself have studied and discussed the weather forecasts intensively and it looks like we are going to throw the lines tomorrow morning.

Fair winds…


🚴‍♂️…on the final mile…🚴‍♂️


…the luxury of time…


  1. Ulrike & Nelly

    I lije YouTube blog, very interesting. Habe a good anda Save Trip with fair winds tomorrow

  2. Ulrike & Nelly

    Das Telefon schreibt seine eigene Sprache 😂😂😂

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