It was an interesting night – no sleep. Very quiet all afternoon and evening until short tempered gusts up to 36kt started to shake hands with ambiguous silence at 5kt. Total silence until…💨

Lucky 13 lines gave a good load distribution on the pontoon and its cleats. With a bit of fine-tuning and the help of the integrated dampers the boat movement was smooth at any time. Even the ball fender at the stern did his job giving some proportional relief to the spider network.

This situation shall stay on for another 24 hours. Despite these circumstances, I am glad,  that I did not set sail for Madeira on 8th trying to escape these excrescences of Madame Danielle. Initially Madeira was cleared from these winds but now it appears, that the track of former Danielle is moving a bit further South, 2 degree in latitude, I would guess, which equals to about 220km.

In 24 hours we should see some relief.
Entry into Funchal at ETA a challenge.

The original passage plan estimated an arrival on 12th and the wind & wave conditions at Funchal are anything else than pleasant at that time for a single handed sailor without fixed appointments and commitments.

I am glad that I could talk to Sutje Jan this morning on the Marine Radio. Due to a very fast passage they will escape most of the following severe sea state although one more challenging night is still ahead of them before arrival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. We will try to connect again at 8:00 UTC tonight.

Need a strong coffee now.

Fair winds…