According to Mr. Green, my 20 year old tour guide organized by Mr. Seacat for today’s hike, you get 2-3 days like this per year! A result of the trade wind games described earlier. What a fortune! The Boiling Lake shows up on the left side of the photo, miles before we got there, which was a hard bit of work.

The cost for this tour comes close to 4000kcal. Well, if I believe my Polar Sport Tracker. The same device tells me we have done 15.71km over 950m altitude. Komoot is right on this special track as per the data below. So whatever the cost for this tour will be, I am going to relax, recharge, remember and enjoy the pain in any case!

Fair winds…

Done! Still paralysed from the walk! It was hard but extremely rewarding in perfect conditions!