A strong low pressure system northeast of Bermuda is pushing the trade winds south. The no wind zone in between moves also south and becomes prevailing for the Antilles – the Lesser- and the Greater Antilles! This means less wind and more heat, which creates some thermic winds from increasing air over the islands. This increasing air is generating westerly winds during the day, sucking it in from the sea. Most anchorages in the Lesser Antilles are open to west and therefore unprotected. Depending on the weather model, the west wind shall peak on Thursday afternoon around 10-15kn. We have seen 12kn westerly winds before and it was manageable.

Following some consultation with Volker and Jan, I have therefore decided to stay a bit longer here in Roseau albeit being on my toes, in case I feel uncomfortable and prefer to leave. Rather spend the day at sea then compared to a rolling anchorage with a shore in my neck and mooring buoys….?!? I will keep monitoring as I am also tempted to do another hike tomorrow.

We shall be alright though.  Let’s see.

Fair winds…