Checking in 40kg of luggage Susan made it to São Vicente’s Cesária Évora Airport in time but tired and without the luggage, which still sits in Lisbon. I believe, it is more a physical arrival and the mental will take a bit more time. For the luggage, we need a speedy delivery now to stick to our plans. Cross fingers!

We have a few more items on the To-Do-List before heading off. The trade winds are back in time and further stabilising over the last few days after a period of disturbances through some strong low pressure systems in the northern Atlantic moving to lower latitudes than ususal.

My final 🚴‍♂️ ride for the year 2022 was to welcome Susan at the airport and make sure the arrangements for the taxi back to the marina are in place. 2023 will be interesting in terms of biking!

I look forward to some quality time together and a pleasant unforgettable passage towards the Caribbean Sea. 

Fair winds…