Our days in Cabo Verde are slowly coming to an end. With the arrival of Susan the focus will go even more towards throwing the lines and moving on – crossing the Atlantic.

Although I only got a very limited impression on these Atlantic Islands, it has become very clear, that they are not only different again but also inviting to stay longer.

Well, we intend to maximise the time spend in the Caribbean and perhaps get another chance to return back here one day.

While working on the boat over the last couple of days, I have to admit, that the Cape Verdeans’ slogan “No Stress” has become part of my routine in no time. Luckily I had only small jobs on the To-Do-List and this left time for siesta and hanging around absorbing the spirit and culture of this nation.

There was time to hang out in some of the local bars with live music together with fellow sailors. Live music is very popular here. Eight out of ten bars have live music every night and the locals seem to enjoy this scene even more than the tourists.

SY Sutje & SY Zuri

Fishing and tourism are the main contributors to the GDP across the archipelago and it becomes visible next to the fish market. The market hall itself seems to be too small so that the fish is cut anywhere near to it.

Overall, Mindelo is a buzzing town with good infrastructure, reasonable supplies and services, honest and hardworking people with their heart closer to Europe (mainly Portugal)  than to Africa, and last but not least, respectful, reserved and friendly. My very subjective view and please be aware that this is for Mindelo and not Cabo Verde in general.

Fair winds…