Currently weather has turned from science to arts. The mid term predictions for the North Atlantic are constantly changing and different weather models are not aligned. Good art is timeless and the same applies now for these weather forecasts in the opposite sense. Anything can happen beyond 3-4 days prediction, which is demonstrated by the changing artificial pictures painted over the forecasted area we are looking at.

Tomorrow is a reasonable window to throw the lines and proceed to Funchal. Quite a few fellow sailors intend to jump-start tomorrow from here. The jump comes from the actual weather forecast as the next passage window might only come through in a weeks time or so. I have decided to stay on, right or wrong, let’s see. We are not in a rush and berth at Funchal is only available after the 11th September due to an ongoing regatta.

If this pattern kicks in, which is a big question mark at the moment based on the comments above, we are in the safest and very well protected Marina within the Azores – Vila do Porto. The early morning wake up call here comes from the shrieking seagulls and not from noisy mooring lines. What a gift!

The only question is, if and when art turns back into science?!? Big debate, we don’t know. Patience and fair winds are indispensable for comfortable and safe passages. Let’s hope for another more stable weather window in a weeks time or so.

Fair winds…