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⛵️…Dear Funchal – Goodbye…⛵️

The journey continues after seven weeks on the island of Madeira. It has been a marvelous time and before throwing the lines I made a reservation for 2022, passing by on the way to the Azores at that time.

We are now heading over to Lanzarote/Spain, a two night sail and if the weather follows its own forecast, it should be a smooth and relaxed sail as shown on the weather routing below.

A new chapter has started.

Fair winds…


☝️…Mast Lift System…🧐


…another night @ sea…


  1. Susanne

    Have a safe and pleasant trip to Lanzarote!

    • Thanks! The “Island of flowers“ is slowly disappearing astern similar to the Mobile Network. We are making good progress South as per the routing in fair winds and following seas. I am taking rest while practicing 20min sleep routine. ⛵️ Bernd

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