The arrival of the race boats gets delayed and I was allowed to stay for another night in the marina. This suits me very well as the racing fleet is sailing exactly opposite to my planned direction and we would have met sometime in the night. Asking the harbour master, if all participating boats have AIS I got shaking shoulders with a “probably not”. Asking, if they at least keep position lights on the answer was “well, it is a race, perhaps not”!  My departure is now planned for 7am tomorrow morning following a narrow SW wind band moving from Terceira to São Miguel and meeting the racing  fleet during daylight, hopefully. 

I have decided to go back to São Miguel at bit earlier as the wind predictions over the next week or so are not very stable and I have a hard stop to be in Ponta Delgada latest by 14th August, the day Susan will arrive.

One more time, I hope the wind will stay until my arrival in Ponta Delgada but some engine hours on the final approach might be unavoidable again.

I look forward to another relaxed passage.

Good night.