It was another hard day in paradise and I sense that we enjoy our time here more and more by absorbing and accustoming the liveaboard life with our lovely lady in the Caribbean.

It started with swell waking me up at 2am in the morning. The boat was rolling left right from some swell coming in from northwest quadrant. I prefer to get up rather than fighting to sleep under these conditions. The blog had to be updated anyway with the bike trip I did the day before. So what is better than to work on the blog in the very very early morning hours. At around 4am I finished and managed some more hours sleep as the swell went down a bit. I think, the swell comes with the tidal hours to some extend.

Susan had a business call at 6:30am and both of us being early birds under the sun enjoyed the morning tea in the cockpit before having late breakfast as there was no reason to rush for anything in the world.

The day passed by quickly.  We went ashore for some shopping and an early sundowner in our favourite bar after a good afternoon nap, which simply doubles quality of life!

We decided to hold the local cabbage from the supermarket back for a later dish. It still needs to be packed tomorrow as per its label. Instead we enjoyed Honey Roast Chicken a là Jamie and his One Pan concept.

Fair winds…